Plaza Citadella has become one of the Potosina’s community favorite meet up spots. The previous knowledge BROISSIN had of the site supported the use we could give the space as did the great opening towards the park, considering the real estate developer foresaw a brick masonry wall closing up the space, as well as the neighboring spaces. We relished the idea of assuming an infinity forest as the principal motif for the design, the same way infinity pools look to have a visual continuity with the sea at a distance as the reflection of the pool; in this case the ceiling’s plants and vegetation, unite with the tree tops absolutely  modifying the interior – exterior relation of the  dinning space.

The furniture comes from 20 different destinations giving a variety of textures, shapes and styles that at first glance merge in a convenient manner into a relaxed and affable ambience.

We summarized objects in disuse from an old factory, with sentimental value for some of the place’s partners, which receive diners with a homey sensation from the access tunnel lined with wood scrap, where the open kitchen is announced by the rain of smells and flashes of embers from the vernacular baker clay oven until their arrival to the dining hall where the sensation is of that of entering the perimetral forest of the Tangamanga Park, which reconcile architecture with a gastronomical experience like no other, beyond any plastic explanation.

Projects facts

Location: San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Design Completion: 2013
Area: 430 m ²
Type: Hospitality, restaurant
Status: Built
Construction Completion: December 2018