Striving to create a project that would unify the existing structure, respecting its condition as that of cultural heritage for the State of Oaxaca. With this premise in mind, we began the challenge of renewing the Oaxaca Warriors Stadium, current home of the Oaxaca Warriors (‘Guerreros de Oaxaca’), a local baseball team from Oaxaca, Mexico. We designed a white, lightweight structure that would protect the fans, supported only in the exterior curb, imitating the rhythm of the preexistence.

An undulated membrane modeled by a single structural frame that heightens the character of the building, turning it into an icon for the city. Red marquee and booths as a present signal of the warrior blood of Oaxaca.

Projects facts

Location: Oaxaca, Mexico
Design Completion: 2007
Area: 30,000m ²
Type: sports
Status: Built
Construction Completion: July 2008