This privately owned corporate building is stage III of the modernization of the Banorte facilities in Mexico City, with a parking garage with a capacity for 1,446 cars, in direct response to an aggressive automotive financing program of the group for the employees, at a rate of 8 cars per 10 employees, giving a total of 44,700 m2 contained within 3 basements and 4 floors in the superstructure. Due to the structure’s height, the glazed volume contains positions for 1,143 people on two floors of 6,000 m2 each, a surface that required a strong solution to obtain natural lighting near each user. We then decided to have four inner courtyards open to the interior of the offices, which in addition to mitigating the light problem well, also physically ordering and sectioning departments by optimizing each plant functionally.

There was a prevailing necessity to connect the new building with its predecessors because of the parking space that would remain completely in the new building, giving service to all facilities, we took advantage of this situation by having an open space which would function as a park, as a public square where the employees could cohabitate in a casual or a premeditated way.

The building transcends in the context as an elegant vanguard volume, with firm character and kind bearing.

Projects facts

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Design Completion: 2014
Area: 56,800 m ²
Type: Corporate
Status: Built
Construction Completion: 2017