The Green Hills School ground site located at the north of Mexico City’s Metropolitan area, the campus is planned in three stages, the first stage being the school’s kindergarten and the motive of this text.  When we think of kindergarten the idea of spreading the buildings throughout the site like toys spread on a garden captivated us and defined the location of all the prisms that seem to play hide-and-seek one behind the other resulting in framed views of the immediate forest. The concrete parallelepipeds bow from one side to the other, motivating the child to develop his/her creativity within preschool and in kindergarten II & II activity classrooms. For Pre-primary, where students commence a preparation stage to enter primary school, de project transforms into a linear and simpler construction formed by a concrete central truss supported by exposed concrete pillars that give the sensations of a concrete building on stilts. This elevated condition along with the terrain’s natural slope favors the rainwater path under the building as well as the formation of an eco-corridor for the species that make up the forest’s ecosystem. The design of the naves’ slabs for the classrooms id fundamental in the integration of architectural design and education that combined result in an integral formation and optimal performance for the student.

Projects facts

Location: Mexico State, Mexico

Design Completion: August 2012

Area: 1,800 m ²

Type: Education

Status: Built

Construction Completion: 2013