The Anahuac University’s North Campus Master Plan was outlined in 1964 as to have a space dedicated to culture, in 1995 Grenberg + Topelson architectural firm initiated the project design.  In the year of 2017 BROISSIN office executed the theater’s renovation project named until then ‘Centro Cultural Yitzhak Rabin’.

The ‘Centro Cultural Mexiquense’ was inaugurated on November 7th 2019 by the State of Mexico’s governor Alfredo del Mazo Maza; then headmaster of Mexico´s Anahuac University Dr. Cipriano Sánchez García, L.C.; and with the State of México’s Symphony Orchestra conducted by Rodrigo Macías González.


The Project was redesigned with the premise of modernizing the image of the ‘Angel and Tere Losada Theatre’, lobby and circulations into an avant-garde space, including the sight line reconfiguration, access, acoustic antechambers, stage and finishes. The Cultural Centre includes: a theater, a vestibule that allows to mount temporary exhibitions; rehearsal rooms; dressing rooms and offices. ‘The School of Arts’ of the ‘Universidad Anáhuac Mexico Norte’ can also be found within the building.

The new ‘Angel and Tere Losada Theatre’, with a capacity for 1,300 people, has all the necessary characteristics in relation to acoustics, sight line, technical theatre design, orchestra pit, stage, rigging system and stage dimensions in order to present any international manifestation of the  Fine Arts: ballet, theatre, symphony concerts and opera.

The theatre’s interior displays the structural apparent concrete walls, the same parametric morphology gives form to the trusses, railings, and frontiers of the lateral balconies along with the proscenium, an orange ring supported by the maple wood ceiling crowns the highest point of the enclosure and grants an institutional identity reciting the university’s colour. The dark colours and brush strokes of orange in the seating upholstery complement the architectural avant – garde attire in the interior.

Inspired in the theatre’s icon, the masks of tragedy and comedy, the diffuser found in front of the proscenium, and which gives the apron the necessary acoustics, appears to be a laughing mouth when seen from stall seats of the orchestra and when seen from the superior balcony shows a disconsolate mouth. An homage to the theatre´s origins in ancient Greece, that now in days finds and undoubtedly perpetual achievement in this enclosure.

Projects facts

Location: Mexico State, Mexico

Design Completion: 2019

Area: 15,400 m ²

Type: Interior Design / Cultural

Status: Built

Construction Completion: November 2019

Architecture:  Grinberg + Topelson

Technical Data:

  • Proscenium 20m wide and 11 m high.
  • Orchestra Pit for 65 to 75 musicians (1.6 m2 to 1.8 m2 per musician).
  • Internal theater space volume is 450 ft³ per seat.
  • Capacity 1,300 spectators